Direct aid and education to bring hope to underprivileged children and adolescents in Brazil.

Projeto 100% is a small movement of people helping families trapped in poverty for generations in Brazil (and hopefully other various parts of the world soon) so their children can get what they need to lead a productive and fulfilling life.

100% of donations go directly to projects benefiting families living at or below the poverty level (any fees and taxes incurred by the money donated by friends of the movement are covered by Adriana Beal, founder).

We focus on educational actions with long-term impact on the lives of the assisted families, with respect for their culture and beliefs.


Our Digital Inclusion project continues, with initiatives to give computer skills to underprivileged adolescents. We’re also currently developing plans for teaching the English language for young adults, as the lack of a second language becomes a barrier for many to find a job.


Infrastructure projects helped improve the quality of services in a shelter for children of absent or abusive parents in the vicinity of Brasilia.


We continued with the Digital Inclusion project in Brasilia, which already trained over 300 students.

2012 – 2014

In 2012 we started a Digital Inclusion project in Brasilia to teach underprivileged children and adolescents how to use a computer and increase their chances of becoming productive adults with better paying jobs. A computer room was set up at Casa São José (a non-profit organization), equipped with 13 computers. So far over 250+ adolescents were taught how to use Word, email, and other relevant skills to help them escape the poverty cycle that has trapped their families for generations.

Digital Inclusion is now focusing on creating quality handouts for the computer courses,, and expanding the service to an orphanage near Brasilia.

* * *

2011: Olinda

In 2011 we focused our initiatives on providing opportunities for children to improve their reading and writing skills.

AELTEC (a local charity in Olinda) develops a series of projects to bring underprivileged adolescents to work, prevent violence against young children, etc. In 2010, for lack of resources they had to close a reading space that served 30 children from very poor families.

The children help prepare the reading space in Olinda

Among other activities, in February Projeto 100% started sending money to the project to ensure the presence of a supervisor in the reading space so the kids will have a safe place to study and develop their cognitive skills after school (which ends at noon).

The project became self-sufficient in the beginning of 2012, when we moved to the next challenge.

 * * *

2010: Fortaleza

From October 2010 to January 2011, Projeto 100% assisted 4 families in Caranguejo Tabaiares, a poor neighborhood in Recife. Beds for children who slept on the floor, books from the best authors, educational toys have been purchased to be distributed to the 18 children of these 4 families and to be shared in the community library. Now the project continues locally, under the responsibility of the Biblioteca Comunitária Caranguejo Tabaiares.

Story time at the Caranguejo Tabaiares community library

P100% was founded in July 2010 by Adriana Beal, who donates monthly and is also the responsible for coordinating the work of all volunteers and creating regular reports for other donors and sponsors on how their money is being used.

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